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Owner's Manual

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Description of PHILIPS MG-C200/17 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English, French, Spanish

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)
The time is displayed using the 12 hour clock with PM indicator (PM off = AM).


Notes: If you have selected the ALARM 1 RADIO, make sure you have properly tuned to a station before turning off the set. If you set and activate the same alarm time for both alarms, only the ALARM 2-BUZZ will be activated at the set time. SWITCHING OFF THE ALARM There are three ways of switching off the alarm. Unless you cancel the alarm completely, the 24 hour alarm reset option will be automatically selected after 59 minutes, from the time your alarm time first goes off. Cancelling the alarm completely To cancel the set alarm time before it goes off, or during the alarm call: • With the radio switched off, press ALARM 1-RADIO or ALARM 2-BUZZ once or more until the selected alarm indicator disappears from the display. Repeat alarm This repeats your alarm call at 9-minute intervals. 1. During the alarm call, press SNOOZE/ BRIGHTNESS CONTROL. ™ Display shows or flashing

If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below before taking the set for repair. If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints, consult your dealer or service center.

90 days Free Exchange This product must be carried in for an exchange. WHO IS COVERED? You must have proof of purchase to exchange the product. A sales receipt or other document showing that you purchased the product is considered proof of purchase. Attach it to this owner’s manual and keep both nearby. WHAT IS COVERED? Warranty coverage begins the day you buy your product. For 90 days thereafter, a defective or inoperative product will be replaced with a new, renewed or comparable product at no charge to you. A replacement product is covered only for the original warranty period.When the warranty on the original product expires, the warranty on the replacement product also expires. WHAT IS EXCLUDED? Your warranty does not cover: • labor charges for installation or setup of the product, adjustment of customer controls on the product, and installation or repair of antenna systems outside of the product. • product repair and/or part replacement because of misuse, accident, unauthorized repair or other cause not within the control of Philips Consumer Electronics Company. • reception problems caused by signal conditions or cable or antenna systems outside the unit. • a product that requires modification or adaptation to enable it to operate in any country other than the country for which it was designed, manufactured, approved and/or authorized, or repair of products damaged by these modifications. incidental or consequential damages resulting from the product. (Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.This includes, but is not limited to, prerecorded material, whether copyrighted or not copyrighted.) a product used for commercial or institutional purposes.

Automatic tuning • Press HR 2 or 1 MIN one second or more to tune to your station. 1. Turn the SET control to TIME SET. ™ The radio automatically tunes to a station of sufficient 2. Press HR 2 repeatedly or hold down on the button to reception. adjust the hours. Release HR 2 when you reach the correct Manual tuning hour. • Press HR 2 or 1 MIN briefty and repeatedly until your 3. Press 1 MIN repeatedly or hold down on the button to reach the desired frequency. adjust the minutes. Release 1 MIN when you reach the correct minute setting. To improve reception: 4. Turn the SET control to RUN. FM: Adjust the position of the power cord (built-in antenna) for optimum reception. RADIO AM: Uses a built-in antenna inside the set. Direct the 1. Press SLEEP/ RADIO ON once to switch on the radio. antenna by adjusting the position of your set. ™ Display shows the radio frequency of the last selected waveband briefly before returning to the clock time. Your preset station is also shown if you are listening to a preset. 2. Press BAND if you wish to change waveband. 3. Adjust the sound using VOLUME. 4. Press ALARM RESET/ RADIO OFF to switch off.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you try to repair the set yourself, as this will invalidate the
PROBLEM – POSSIBLE CAUSE • REMEDY No sound – Volume not adjusted • Adjust the VOLUME Display error/ no reaction to any controls Continuous crackling/ hiss disturbance during MW (AM) broadcast

– Electrical interference from TV, computer, fluorescent lamp, mobile phone, etc.
• Move set away from other electrical equipment The alarm does not function – Alarm time/mode not set • See SETTING THE ALARM


24 hour alarm reset during a repeat alarm. If you want the alarm mode to be stopped immediately but also 2. Repeat if desired up to 6 times. wish to retain the same alarm setting for the following day: • Press ALARM RESET/ RADIO OFF. ™ You will hear a beep tone confirming 24 hour reset activation. ABOUT SLEEP This set has a built-in sleep timer which enables the set to be automatically switched off during radio playback after a set period of time. There are four sleep times before the set turns itself off: 60, 30, 15 minutes and off.


– Electrostatic discharge • Press RESET
Occasional crackling sound during FM broadcast – Weak signal • Adjust the position of the pigtail aerial

– Volume too low for ALARM 1-RADIO • Adjust the volume – ALARM 1-RADIO not tuned to a radio station • Check if the set is tuned to a radio station before setting the ALARM 1-RADIO, and when switching off

The set complies with the FCC-Rules, Part 15. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

WHERE IS EXCHANGE AVAILABLE? You may exchange the product in all countries where the product is officially distributed by Philips Consumer Electronics Company. In countries where Philips Consumer Electronics Company does not distribute the product, the local Philips service organization will attempt to provide a replacement product (although there may be a delay if the appropriate product is not readily available). BEFORE REQUESTING EXCHANGE... Please check your owner’s manual before requesting an exchange. Adjustments of the controls discussed there may save you a trip.

STORING AND USING PRESET STATIONS You can store up to a total of 10 radio stations in the memory, 5 on each waveband. 1. Tune to your desired station (see TUNING TO RADIO STATIONS). 2. To store a preset, hold down briefly on a PRESET button 1-5 until you hear a double beep. ™ Display shows the preset number of your station. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to store your other stations. • You can overwrite a preset station by storing another frequency in its place. 4. Press a PRESET button 1-5 to listen to a preset station.

GENERAL Two different alarm times can be set. This can be useful when you need to be woken up at a different time e.g. during the week and at the weekend: • ALARM 1 – radio mode • ALARM 2 – buzzer mode. The gentle wake buzzer alarm increases its beep tone frequency within seconds.

SETTING SLEEP 1. Press SLEEP/ RADIO ON to switch on the radio. 2. Within 1 second, press SLEEP/ RADIO ON again once or more until the display shows and SL:60. While in the SLEEP display, press SLEEP/ RADIO ON once or more to select your sleep time. ™ Display shows in sequence: and the sleep period time options: SL:60, SL:30, SL:15 and OFF. ™ The sleep time and radio frequency appear briefly before showing standby clock time with the indicator, if SLEEP is activated. MAINTENANCE • If you do not intend to use the set for a long time, withdraw the mains plug from the wall socket. • Do not expose the set to humidity, rain, sand or excessive heat caused by heating equipment or direct sunlight. • To clean the set, use a soft, slightly dampened chamois leather. Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene or abrasives as these may harm the housing.

EXCHANGING A PRODUCT IN U.S.A., PUERTO RICO OR U.S.VIRGIN ISLANDS... Contact your dealer to arrange an exchange. Or, ship the product, insured and freight prepaid, and with proof of purchase enclosed, to the address listed below. Small Product Service Center Philips Service Company 907 Snapps Ferry Road, Plant 2, Building 6 Greeneville,TN 37743 (In U.S.A., Puerto Rico and U.S.Virgin Islands, all implied warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the duration of this express warranty. But, because some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, this limitation may not apply to you.) EXCHANGING A PRODUCT IN CANADA... Please contact Philips at: 1-800-661-6162 (French Speaking) 1-800-363-7278 (English Speaking) (In Canada, this warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties. No other warranties are expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Philips is not liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, howsoever incurred, even if notified of the possibility of such damages.) This warranty gives you specific legal rights.You may have other rights which vary from state/province to state/province.
Philips Service Solutions Group, P.O. Box 2976, Longview,Texas 75606, (903) 242-4800
EL6095T002 / MAC5433 / 1-97

TO GET OUT -OF-WARRANTY EXCHANGE... In U.S.A., Puerto Rico or U.S.Virgin Islands, contact Philips Service Company at (800) 531-0039 to obtain the cost of out-of-warranty exchange.Then carefully pack the product and ship it to the Small Product Service Center (address listed above). In Canada, call the phone number listed above under “Exchanging a Product in Canada” to obtain the cost of out-of-warranty exchange. REMEMBER... Please record the model and serial numbers found on the product below. Also, please fill out and mail your warranty registration card promptly. It will be easier for us to notify you if necessary. MODEL # __________________________________

SETTING THE ALARM TIME AND MODE 1. Turn the SET control to ALARM 1 or ALARM 2. ™ Display shows the alarm time digits with the or indicators flashing.

3. To cancel sleep, press either: • ALARM RESET/ RADIO OFF
• REPEAT ALARM/ BRIGHTNESS CONTROL • SLEEP/ RADIO ON once or more until disappears from the display.

2. Press HR 2 repeatedly or hold down on the button to adjust the hours. ReleaseHR 2 when you reach the correct hour. 3. Press 1 MIN repeatedly or hold down on the button to adjust the minutes. Release 1 MIN when you reach the correct minute setting. 4. Turn the SET control back to RUN. 5. While the radio is switched off, select your choice of alarm mode by pressing ALARM 1-RADIO or ALARM 2-BUZZ. ™ Display shows or .



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