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Owner's Manual

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Description of PHILIPS HR2838/00 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: Chinese Simplified

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Text excerpt from page 1 (click to view)
Introdution The appliance has been equipped with an automatic thermal cut-off system. This system will automatically cut off the power supply to the appliance in case of overheating. If your appliance suddenly stops running: • • • • • Pull the mains plug out of the wall socket. Set the selector knob to position 0 to switch the aplliance off. Let the appliance cool down for 60 minutes. Put the mains plug in the wall socket. Switch the appliance on again.

General description (fig 1) A Motor unit B Driving shaft C Selector knob (rotate) O = off 1 = minimum speed 2 = maximum speed M = pulse position D Quick Clean button E Cord storage compartment Blender F Stopper G Lid H Opening in the lid I Spout J Blender jar K Level indications L Rubber sealing ring M Blade unit Soy bean filter (extra) N Filter Mill (only with type HR 2839) O Beaker P Rubber sealing ring Q Mill blade unit Cord storage You can store excess mains cord by winding it around the reel in the base of the appliance (fig. 2). Fix the cord at the required length by pressing it into the slot at the back of the appliance (fig. 3). Built-in safety lock The appliance has been equipped with a built-in safety lock that prevents it from functioning if the blender jar or the mill have been assembled incorrectly or have not been assembled at all. Please note that the blender jar or the mill should never be used to switch the appliance on and off! Blender Assembly - Wash all detachable parts (see section "Cleaning") before you use the blender for the first time. - Put the rubber sealing ring around the edge of the blade unit (fig. 4). - Fix the blade unit to the blender jar by turning it into the direction of the arrow (fig. 5). - Mount the assembled jar onto the motor housing and turn it in the direction of the arrow until it is firmly fixed (fig. 6). Warning: Do not exert undue pressure on the handle of the jar. - After putting the ingredients in the jar, fix the lid onto the jar by pressing it down (fig. 7). - Insert the stopper by pushing it down gently and turning it in the direction of the arrow until it is firmly fixed (fig. 8). To disassemble the blender, proceed in reverse order and opposite direction. Speed selection - Make sure that the appliance is plugged in and the blender jar has been properly attached before you switch the appliance on. - Select the speed that is most suitable for the ingredients you want to process (fig. 9): speed 1 for light processing of mainly liquid ingredients, e.g. chocolate milk and vitamin drinks. speed 2 for heavy processing of mainly solid ingredients. • If you are not sure which speed to select, you can always use the highest speed (speed 2). - To let the appliance run for only a few moments at a time, set the switch to position M and release it straightaway. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary. - To switch the motor off, set the selector knob to position O. Tips • The opening in the lid can be used for adding ingredients while the motor is running (fig. 10). • The longer you let the appliance run (max. 3 minutes), the finer the blending result will generally be. Dry ingredients, however, should not be processed longer than 1 minute. • Pre-cut meat and other solid ingredients into smaller pieces before putting them into the blender jar. • For optimal blending of solid ingredients, feed a series of small amounts into the jar rather than processing a large quantity at once. • If the appliance is not blending fast enough, switch it off and - switch to pulse position M, or - stir the ingredients with a spatula (not while the blender is running!), or - reduce the contents of the jar. • To make tomato juice, quarter the tomatoes and drop the pieces into the jar one by one through the opening in the lid while the motor is running.

Soy bean filter (extra) With this filter you will make delicious fresh soy milk or fruit juices in next to no time. All pips and skins will remain behind in the filter. Assembly - Assemble the blender jar (see ‘Blender, Assembly’). - Put the filter in the blender jar (fig. 11). Make sure that the grooves of the filter fit onto the ribs of the blender jar. - Put the lid in place and turn it to fix the filter (fig. 12). - Put the ingredients in the filter (fig. 13). Note: The filter should never be filled beyond its maximum (MAX) level indication! - Add water. - Switch the appliance on and select speed 2. Let the appliance run for 40 seconds. - Switch the appliance off. Remove the blender jar and pour out the drink through the spout (fig. 14). - For optimal results, put the jar with the remaining ingredients back onto the appliance and let it run for a few more seconds. - Pour out the rest of the drink. Tips - Do not process more than 50 g of dry soy beans with max. 500 ml water at a time. - Soak soy beans for 4 hours before processing them. - When you process fruits, you get the best result when adding approximately 300 ml water to 500 g fruit. Mill (only type 2839) Assembly - Put the ingredients in the beaker (fig. 15). Note: Process only dry ingredients. Do not fill the beaker above the “MAX” indication. - Put the rubber ring around the edge of the blade unit (fig. 16). - Screw the blade unit onto the beaker (fig. 17). This may require some effort at first. The blade unit will be easier to fasten if you moisten the rubber ring with a drop of water. - The mill is now ready for use. Turn it upside down and screw it onto the motor unit (fig. 18). - Preferably use the pulse position M. What to use the mill for? The mill is suitable for grinding and chopping e.g.: Ingredients dried spices peppercorns sesame seeds rice wheat soy beans white beans (haricots) dried peas coconut flesh coffee beans cheese dried bread sugar cubes nuts (shelled) dry masala Optimum quantities (gram) 35 - 75 25 - 75 50 - 100 75 - 125 75 - 125 25 - 75 25 - 75 25 - 75 25 - 75 25 - 75 25 - 75 one dried slice of bread 50 50 - 100 125 - 250



HR 2839 HR 2838
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;


Please contact your Philips dealer or authorised Philips service centre if the automatic thermal cut-off system is activaed too often. CAUTION: In order to avoid a hazardous situation, this appliance must never be connected to a timer switch.



Important • Read the instructions carefully and look at the illustrations before you start using the appliance. • To avoid damage, check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the mains voltage in your home (220 V) before you connect the appliance. • Never remove accessories or parts while the appliance is running. • Do not let the appliance run unattended. • To prolong the lifetime of this appliance, it is advisable to wait for 2 minutes after you have processed heavy-duty recipes for 3 minutes, before you let the appliance run again. • Keep the appliance and its parts out of the reach of children. • Never immerse the motor unit in water. • Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers or which have not been specifically advised by Philips. Your guarantee will become invalid if such accessories or parts have been used. • If the mains cord of the appliance is damaged, it must always be replaced by Philips or service center authorized by Philips in order to avoid hazardous situations. • Technical specifications: 220V, 50Hz, 325W. • For Household use only. Blender: • Before you start using the blender, make sure that the blade unit is securely fitted to the blender jar. • Do not fill the blender jar with ingredients that are hotter than 80 °C (approx. 175 °F). • To avoid spilling, do not fill the jar above the maximum level indication (i.e. 1.5 litre). When blending liquid, do not put more than 1.25 litre in the jar. Always insert the stopper into the lid before you start processing. • Never put your hand or any objects in the blender jar while the appliance is switched on. If necessary, use a spatula to remove food from the wall of the jar after you have switched off the blender. Soy bean filter (extra): • Do not use the filter to process hot ingredients. • The filter should never be filled beyond its metal part. • Soak soy beans for 4 hours before processing them. • Make sure the filter has been properly inserted before you switch the appliance on. Mill (only type HR 2839): • The cutting edges of the blade unit are very sharp: avoid touching them! • Make sure that the blade unit and beaker have been properly assembled before you mount them onto the motor housing. Never mount the blade unit without the beaker. • Always make sure that the rubber sealing ring has been correctly placed before you start using the appliance. Correct assembly of the ring guarantees that the mill is properly closed and that ground ingredients will not be spilt. • Do not fill the beaker above the maximum level indication (MAX). • Never let the mill accessory run for more than 30 seconds without interruption. • The mill accessory is not suitable for grinding very hard ingredients, such as nutmeg and ice cubes. • Always process cloves, star anise and aniseed together with other ingredients. If they are processed separately, they may attack the plastic parts of the mill. • Never put any liquids in the mill accessory.
















Never use the mill for crushing ice. Cleaning General • Cleaning is easier immediately after use. • Do not clean the appliance or its parts in the dishwasher. • The motor unit can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth. Never immerse the motor unit in water! Do not use abrasives, scourers, alcohol etc. • Clean the parts that have come into contact with food immediately after use. Cleaning the blender - Assemble the blender jar properly (see section on assembly of the blender). Pour lukewarm water and some washing-up liquid into the blender jar. Assemble the lid and the stopper. - Press the Quick Clean button for a few moments to clean the jar quickly. - Unplug the appliance. - Remove the lid, the stopper, the blender jar and the blade unit and rinse them with clean, hot water. - If you want to clean the blender more thoroughly, remove the blade unit and clean all parts separately. Note: Be careful with the sharp edges of the blade unit! Cleaning the soy bean filter (extra) - Take the filter out of the blender jar. - Hold the filter over a waste bin and gently shake out the contents of the filter. - Rinse the filter under the tap. Cleaning the mill - Disassemble the mill directly after use and wash the parts in water with some washing-up liquid. Important: The blade unit of the mill is springloaded to enable under-the-edge cleaning (fig. 19). - After washing, rinse the parts with clean water and dry them thoroughly.
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